Go-Kart Parties are structured specifically for children 4 + years old where the emphasis is on Fun.
  • Go-Kart speeds are set for 4 + year olds for their first real driving experience.
  • The children will manoeuvre in and out of cones - yes, even at this age!
  • Sharks and Fishes chasing games are incorporated at this stage.
  • We then put some music on and if the kids are driving well, we will get the children to pop some balloons under the wheels of the kart
  • Then we will get the children driving faster - we keep the speed within their ability.
  • Even at this age we will finish off the party with some racing for all the children!
  • Finally we have an award ceremony for the Safe Driver Awards and the Trophy for the Best Driver followed by 3 laps of honour and a massive amount of cheering for the birthday child
Age ranges are easily mixed.

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